Preparing for Impact

Preparing for Impact

Maximizing your software development runway on available budget

Last year Ragnarson cooperated with the Archangel Summit on preparing the Archangel Contest. We also sponsored one of the prizes - software development services for the best submitted business idea. Now we are working with the winners on moving their application to the next level. We will share some of the details in the near future.

In the spirit of the commitment and positive influence on the community we came up with an idea of conducting a ‘Preparing for impact’ webinar, dedicated to entrepreneurs, leaders and professionals willing to build desktop, mobile or web app for their businesses. It’s a 50-minutes talk through four key areas where we’ve seen our clients made mistakes and three different perspectives on building products as a software developer, software house co-owner and start-up co-owner.

Short summary

Any great business ideas you might have, need validation before you start spending time and money on development. When checking your idea, it’s important to think about the actual benefit for the  customers and draft a plan for the app. Then, prepare a realistic budget with additional means for the project’s scope adjustments. Expect changes and don’t be afraid of them. Finally, find a team who will be not only a group of developers, but also a business partner who may advise you the right direction during development and spare you unnecessary costs.

I hope that you will find this webinar useful. Below you will have all links to the tools that were mentioned in the talk.