We were at wroc_love.rb

We were at wroc_love.rb

It’s our annual tradition that we go to the biggest Ruby conference in Poland - wroc_love.rb. This year it took place from 17th to 19th March. It’s a really good thing to attend programming conferences for couple of reasons and here are my thoughts about it.

The main thing is that it increases your prog

ramming skills. It doesn’t really matter on which level you are, it’s good to be there. Of course there are talks that can be confusing or not that interesting to you, but overall nothing helps you more than listening to pros and learning from them. It will pay off in the future. I won't rate all of the talks, but I really liked the Mariusz Gil’s Machine learning for the rescue where he showed us some practical examples of machine learning usage (estimating pull request review cost ftw!) and Predicting performance changes of distributed applications by Wojciech Rząsa. He showed us how he measured differences in Standard dynos on Heroku. Also I would like to point out a Rethink your sitting lightning talk. It was a good way to raise awareness about programmers health and back pains.

Conference 1
Conference 2

What’s more you can meet your friends or new people there. It’s really important to grow as a community and it helps to talk to some people in real life, not only via Slack. If you work fully remotely like us (psst we are hiring) it’s one of the few times in a year when we can meet and chill together. We stayed in a beautiful place in the middle of the Old Town and we had just few steps to our after parties.

After 1
After 2

Lastly the city of Wroclaw is beautiful by itself and its antique architecture is definitely worth visiting.

Wroclaw 1
Wroclaw 2

Thanks to all of the organizers, speakers and attendees. Let’s hope we’ll see you each other next year!