Estonia: Europe's Super-Factory for Startup

Estonia: Europe's Super-Factory for Startup

If any European country can be considered as a startup super-factory, then it’s definitely Estonia.

With growing awareness and more and more companies turning green, it has a great foundation for an impact-driven startup ecosystem.

There are many reasons that account for that, like Estonian Startup Visa Program, low corporate tax rate, or affordable living conditions that make this country a perfect go-to destination for European startup founders.

And it’s not a surprise that many founders actually decide to go to Estonia, because it really has all you can dream of. It’s a perfect example of how the right approach can boost a startup ecosystem.

"#estonianmafia" - because that’s how the Estonian startup community is called - is eager to grow, but also to give back to the community by helping others, mentoring, etc.

This, combined with good relations with the government and growing awareness makes the whole country a giant startup incubator.

Together with our guest, Erki Ani from Cleantech ForEst, we discussed all the important aspects of the Estonian startup ecosystem and talked about the new impact possibilities growing in Estonia.

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