Lessons we learned from our mis-hires at Ragnarson

Lessons we learned from our mis-hires at Ragnarson

How to ensure that the teams you build are highly motivated and fit your company like a glove? We've been asking ourselves this question for a few years now.

We came to the conclusion that it all starts with the recruitment process.

Each time we had a mis-hire at Ragnarson, we tried to improve our process to make sure that this never happens again.

One of the things we learned is that it's necessary to understand candidate’s expectations in the first place.

Even if someone fits the technical requirements perfectly, they might be disappointed with work specifics - like working fully remotely, taking ownership, or working in a teal organization like ours.

In this video, Maciej Gałkiewicz shares two stories of recruitment failures that we've committed over the years.

They’re both about mismanaged expectations and loss of time that could have been avoided if only we knew how to handle this situation back then.


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