Why Founders Can't Ignore Their Mental Well-Being

Why Founders Can't Ignore Their Mental Well-Being

Investing in startups involves a huge risk.

Investment analysts spend hours analysing every detail of startups before the fund, or an angel decides to invest.

It’s a tremendous surprise to see that the whole community - both founders and investors tend to shut their eyes to one of the greatest risk factors - mental wellness.

The majority of startup failures are caused by human-related elements and around 50% of founders may struggle with mental health challenges.

If the mental resilience of an entrepreneur is not at its peak then the entire venture can fail.

In this episode, Kasia Zalewska, Maciej Gałkiewicz and Joshua Haynes from Masawa talked about the importance of mental wellness in startups and discussed how investors can support founders and build awareness of mental well-being for the sustainability of their investment portfolios.

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