How to Approach Family Office Investors

How to Approach Family Office Investors

The society’s wealth in Poland started growing after 1989. That’s when many individuals had the chance to build and sell companies, becoming rich.

The next generations took over the family businesses and to keep growing them, started reinvesting their profits in other companies, startups, etc.

That’s how the first family office investors in Poland were established - and now they’re one of the most flexible groups on the market.

In the latest episode, Stanisław Kastory - co-founder of the Firlej-Kastory family office investor firm - told the story of their investment journey to Maciej.

He also shared some details about how family offices work and advice on finding the best family office investor for your startup (as well as approaching and working with them).

It’s a must-watch for every startup founder looking for funding!

If you’d like to find out more, check out the whole episode!

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