About Transparency in Supply Chains for Food Companies

About Transparency in Supply Chains for Food Companies

In today’s market, transparency is taking up more and more of the spotlight. For companies to keep up with the growing trend and legal pressure, they need to implement transparency measures in their supply chains. It’s the same for any industry, including food.

But it’s not just laws keeping companies accountable. More aware consumers want to know where their products come from and are willing to pay more for products from sustainable and credible brands.

It’s also a case of risk management. If companies know and understand their supply chains from end to end, they can react to risk much more quickly and efficiently.

But building transparency isn’t a simple case of just opening up your company doors and letting people peek inside. It’s about understanding and presenting the right information in the right way.

That’s what we investigated along with Ana Selina Haberbosch from seedtrace. Tune in to our podcast to find out how to build credible transparency and why ignoring it might spell trouble for your company in the long term.

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