Can Beta Version of a Software Be More Beneficial?

Can Beta Version of a Software Be More Beneficial?

For companies that work in software development, diving right in to build a complete software product seems like a natural course of action. That’s exactly what Jamie Dujardin and his team at Altruistiq did. Until they learned the hard way that sometimes the best way to move forward in the tech world is to go analog.

Because what’s the point of investing tons of time and energy in software features that then turn out to be unnecessary to most users and clients? Why not instead manually provide features for specific clients, giving the builder time to implement feedback?

Because feedback doesn’t need to come from surveys after a product launch. It can come from real time collaboration while using the product that’s still in the works. Transparency with the client is key. If they know they’re working with a beta stage product they can be both more willing to provide feedback as well as suggest ideas of their own for more features.

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