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When to move away from Heroku - the cost analysis

The problem

Are you using Heroku or a similar provider and you are not sure how cost-effective it is in the long run?

Are there other limitations of a Platform-as-a-Service of your choice and it would be great to know how expensive and complicated it is to migrate if necessary?

If you are concerned by either of these let me show you if and when it’s worth to start considering a change.

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How to make sure you deliver the product

As developers we constantly try to improve our knowledge. We are trying to implement features where the code will be easy to maintain in the future. It is really important when we work on some long lasting, complex project. But should it be a priority when we work for a client with limited budget or tight deadline?

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Your own free PaaS with Dokku and Let's Encrypt

I've been working with Platform as a Service products for almost 3 years. I truly believe that an introduction of PaaS solutions was a breakthrough for web development.

There are many online services that provide an efficient and relatively cheap entry-level PaaS (e.g. Heroku, EngineYard), but what about self-hosted alternatives? Do they exist? Are they a good call?

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"By order of the Peaky fuckin' Blinders" - how to do dirty work and don’t get caught - episode 2

"Intelligence is a very valuable thing, innit, my friend? And usually it comes far too fucking late."

Alfie Solomons

This time is different. Intelligence comes in the right time. In the previous episode, we learned how is “our” API working. It is time to code the scraper that will use this API to get the data we want. Unfortunately, the API provider probably doesn't want us to get this data. He will ban us as soon as he will notice our unwelcome activities. Good news is that we will be smart from the beginning and prevent being noticed and banned :)

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"By order of the Peaky fuckin' Blinders" - how to do dirty work and don’t get caught - episode 1

“Everyone's a whore, Grace. We just sell different parts of ourselves”

Thomas Shelby

Life is not always nice, simple and easy. Sometimes is more complex. Sometimes you are its lawful citizen. Sometimes you break the rules and do some dirty, shady things. Sometimes you are a copper. Sometimes you are a scoundrel. One day you are writing an API and taking care of its protection. Another day you are receiving the task to use someone else API without permission. It is not a thing you should do, but in startups game sometimes you have to do whatever it takes. It is possible to do that if the API is protected by basic auth. I will help you to do it right and won’t be caught.

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Preparing for Impact

Maximizing your software development runway on available budget

Last year Ragnarson cooperated with the Archangel Summit on preparing the Archangel Contest. We also sponsored one of the prizes - software development services for the best submitted business idea. Now we are working with the winners on moving their application to the next level. We will share some of the details in the near future.

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Blockchains: A brief introduction

This post begins a series about the blockchain technology wherein I will try to answer the common questions like what it is, how it works and where blockchains are used. However, I will not go into technical details, I will only focus on a general overview.

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Being productive is not productive. Being content is productive

Have a productive day!

That was the way that one of our clients used to finish daily stand-up calls.

From my point of view, that was one of the worst wishes you could ever receive.

You may ask why?

Because productivity is not a core value for humans beings.

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How product management can help developers to work in the flow state (and be productive as fuck)

From When involvement rhymes with enjoyment article we know that there are 7 factors to achieve the flow state. This state is ultimate effective when we are fully engaged in the activity.

Today, we focus on which of the factors can be activated by having a good product management. And how this activation can be achieved.

The main goals for the project management are getting sure that:

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Code The Flow - How To Write Code In More Productive And Fun Way

Spend less than 2 minutes to discover three simple tricks that will help you to be in the coding flow! Write the code in the more effective way. Code with better quality. Be more satisfied with the time spent on programming.

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Flow daily routines - create habits that boost your productivity

This article is the next episode in our Flow series. You can find the first episode here. In this part, we will talk about daily routines that can help you go into the flow state

How you start is how productive you are

The most effective ways to enter the flow state are focus and involvement. This is why it is so important to start in a good way. It has a critical impact on your productivity and state during the entire day.

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Why we go to Euruko and why you should go as well

EuRuKo is the annual European Ruby conference, launched for the first time in Karlsruhe (Germany) in 2003. The first four editions were organized in Germany. Since 2007 it's moved from city to city across Europe. At the end of each event, people vote for the next edition's host city.

In 2010, EuRuKo was organized in Kraków, Poland. It was my first time at this conference.

I still remember two things from the conference:

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