Redefining Fashion Sustainability with Software

Redefining Fashion Sustainability with Software

Sustainable fashion is a thing now.

Retailers put “made from recycled materials,” “organic,” and “sustainable” labels on their clothes and collect worn-out apparel for recycling.

But from the customers perspective, making sustainable choices is not a no-brainer.

Apart from order returns, the pure evil of the industry, as customers we have a really vague understanding of how our fashion choices matter.

And that’s because we don’t understand the underlying problem.

To shed some light on it: it takes 7600 litres of water to make a pair of jeans and 2700 to make a t-shirt.

This means that your basic outfit ( jeans and t-shirt) “cost” the environment over 10 000 litres of freshwater!

If you look at your wardrobe’s content from this perspective, you’ll get the scale of the problem we’re facing.

Together with Kasia Zalewska and our guest - Layla Sargent - we took a deep dive into this problem in the latest episode of the Founding Impact podcast.

We talked about the advantages of altering and repairing clothes and explored the biggest problems of the sustainable fashion industry.

We also discussed how software connecting customers wanting to alter, repair, or make clothes to measure with skilled makers can contribute to extending the clothing lifecycle and solving the underlying problem.

Learn more from the full episode below.

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