Ragnarson Invest Podcast #24

Ragnarson Invest Podcast #24

In this episode of the Founding Impact podcast, we’re talking with
Borris Foerster - Managing Partner at Amathaon Capital.

As Borris said, they’re “not an impact investor focused on agriculture, but an agriculture investor with a strong focus on impact."

Their unique approach combines a clear vision of “where the food industry needs to go” with a strong emphasis on smart money.

Check out the whole episode to learn:
- Why the agriculture and food share a common supply chain.
- What did Borris’s journey towards the agrifood space looked like?
- What does portfolio synergy mean and how does it work in practice?
- Which direction the agriculture industry needs to take?
- What are the most overlooked and underdeveloped aspects of the whole ecosystem?

And much more!

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