Combining For-Profit and Non-Profit for Social Good

Combining For-Profit and Non-Profit for Social Good

As an entrepreneur, why would you want to have both a for-profit and non-profit organization?

But that makes complete sense in many scenarios.

One of them is when a part of your company focuses on solving social problems.

Our guest - Sabrina Konzok, Managing Director at Kiron Digital Learning Solutions - knows the non-profit - for-profit transformation secrets as nobody else.

Together with her team, she started Kiron as a non-profit organization offering free online learning opportunities to refugees and underserved communities.

At some point along the way, she realized that the platform they built had the potential to act like a for-profit, and they created a daughter, for-profit company.

In the latest episode of the Founding Impact podcast, Sabrina shared the story of this transition.

Together with Kasia and Maciej, they discussed how impact-driven organizations can follow this pattern and convert non-profits to for-profits (or the other way round) and explored the biggest challenges and possibilities.

If you want to find out more, check out the full episode below.


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