Exploring the Latest Innovations in the Food Industry

Exploring the Latest Innovations in the Food Industry

The food industry has changed rapidly during the last 10 years.

Many elements triggered this change - like open-minded entrepreneurs and the influx of money to this sector.

Today, topics like regenerative agriculture, food waste, urban and vertical farming are popular, but not everyone knows what challenges agtech founders have to face.
In this episode of the Founding Impact Podcast, Kasia and Maciej talk to Mark Durno, Managing Partner at Rockstart Agrifood, who is an expert in this field.

- What are the most interesting solutions on the market?

- What sectors of the food industry are still underdeveloped?

- What are the biggest challenges that the entire sector has to face?

You’ll find answers to those and many other interesting questions in the latest episode!

Rockstart Agrifood website
Cleantech for Europe website
Mark’s Linkedin

Organizations mentioned in the episode:

Urban Farmers by Roman Gaus  
Beyond Leather Materials (Leap)
Invisible Foods
Flow Waste
Food For All

The Geet Khosla Podcast episode with Mark

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