How To Secure Your Company's Mission and Independence

How To Secure Your Company's Mission and Independence

Have you ever heard of the steward ownership model?

It addresses the concern of many founders: “How to secure the company’s values, so they don’t deteriorate over time.”


There are 2 basic rules we call the principles of the steward ownership model:

  1. Shares can’t be sold.
  2. The majority of profits get reinvested or donated.

As a result, no one can get the power by putting money on the table anymore, and the inheritance rule stops working.

Instead, the majority of the voting power stays with people in the company, or closely connected to it.

And that, as the examples of Bosch or ZEISS showed, secures the company’s mission and independence.

In this episode, we talk with Achim Hansen about the steward ownership model and the opportunities and challenges around it.

If you’re wondering what its pros and cons are, check it out.

The book that Achim mentioned:
Reinventing Organisations by Frederic Laloux

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