How Impact Can Be Profitable

How Impact Can Be Profitable

When you think of oat milk, the word “revolutionary” isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. And yet that’s exactly what oat milk can be if you have the right approach.

Imagine taking all the water out of oat milk, leaving behind only the 10% plant base and selling it as a powder. That means a lot less CO2 emissions and significantly less packaging waste with no negative effect on taste or quality for the consumer. What’s more, customers seem to be hungry for this new alternative.

Now imagine potentially scaling that concept in an industry that sells 220 billion liters of milk globally every year. See what we mean by revolution now?

Tune in to our podcast with Philip von Have from Blue Farm to learn more about his impact-minded, powder-based oat milk that is making a fresh splash on the market and why making a brand impactful and profitable can go hand in hand.

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