GoodCarbon: Revolutionizing Carbon Credits with Web 3.0

GoodCarbon: Revolutionizing Carbon Credits with Web 3.0

When you think of carbon credits, companies reactively and unconsciously buying up credits to offset carbon emissions might come to mind. Thankfully, those days are becoming a thing of the past.

That’s not only thanks to a shift in mindset and evolving regulations. It’s also thanks to companies like goodcarbon that are paving the way for a new way of looking at carbon credits. By building a technical, Web 3-based platform, they cut out the middleman and allow project owners and companies to connect directly. Project owners can tap into the funding that they need to get their projects off the ground and companies can benefit from taking long-term climate actions.

And these aren’t just any projects. As companies lean in more to understand the impact they have and communities are increasingly concerned with biodiversity, goodcarbon has an astounding 170 criteria that it looks at before judging a project to be of appropriate quality. If that’s not an example of taking climate action seriously, we don’t know what is.

If you want to learn more about how it’s not just about planting trees, but more about planting a forest, tune in to our interview with founder Jerome Cochet.

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