Regenerative Agriculture: A Solution to the Climate Crisis?

Regenerative Agriculture: A Solution to the Climate Crisis?

The groundwork is actually the soil work.

Especially when it comes to fighting climate change.

According to recent estimates, the whole food production sector accounts for a third of global GHG emissions.

A great part of those come strictly from agriculture.

In addition to soil decarbonisation, modern farming technologies decrease its quality, water retention, and drastically affect the yield.

The way to fix the situation is by transitioning to regenerative agriculture and start sequestering the carbon dioxide by the soil carbon buildup.

But, as the guest of the latest episode of the Founding Impact podcast pointed out, this transition needs to happen fast and at a large scale.

Otherwise, we might miss the point of no return.

If you want to learn about the biggest challenges around regenerative agriculture and find out how software can help with driving this transition, check out our conversation with Robert Gerlach from Klim.

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