How to Simplify Life Cycle Assessments for Founders

How to Simplify Life Cycle Assessments for Founders

When it comes to Life Cycles Assessments, many founders hit one of two brick walls. Either they need to practice a whole lot of patience waiting for a consultant that comes with a hefty price tag or they can use complicated software that doesn’t necessarily show founders all they want to know.

Does that mean that founders just need to grit their teeth and bear it? Fortunately, not anymore.

We sat down with Gregory Norris, a scientist-turned-entrepreneur, the man behind Earthster, an LCA tool that combines the complex data collection of consultants with the easy to use flexibility of software.

The most interesting thing is that Earthster isn’t just another  piece of LCA software, but more of a different approach which moves away from simple reporting and instead facilitates learning, finding insights, and visualizing the future.

Tune in to our podcast with Gregory to learn more of how powerful these “living” Life Cycle Assessments can be.

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