Managing Investor Relations: Insights and Lessons Learned

Managing Investor Relations: Insights and Lessons Learned

Are you a founder who's successfully convinced investors to trust in your startup?

Congratulations, you've taken a significant step towards fulfilling your dreams! However, the hard work doesn't stop there. Once you've secured the funding, you'll need to learn how to manage your investors effectively to ensure a successful business relationship.

Svenja Tegtmeier, from Saiz, had to learn this the hard way. Investor relations turned out to be more challenging than she anticipated. Managing multiple viewpoints and interests while making effective use of your time is no small task.

As investors in Saiz, we can attest to the importance of effective investor management. We're excited to share our experience and learnings with you. In our latest episode, Svenja opens up about the challenges and surprises she faced after closing their first round of funding.

Providing regular updates and creating space for feedback is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to effective investor management. Tune in to our latest episode to find out more.

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