How to Keep Your Company Culture Teal in the Long Run

How to Keep Your Company Culture Teal in the Long Run

No matter who you are in a teal organization, one day you’ll find yourself saying these words—brace yourself, change is coming.

And in all honesty, you either embrace the change or lose your head.

Why? Because as the organization grows, so does its complexity. So you automatically ask yourself the question—how do I keep the company culture I worked so hard to build alive in an evolving environment?

To make things worse, the tensions you don’t see can be far more dangerous than those out in the open.

After all, look around, the picture isn't pretty. Most founders micromanage, hierarchy inevitably squeezes out every other structure, new hires end up feeling lost and detached from the organization, and trust and cohesion between coworkers naturally disappear as the organization grows.

We asked Ewa Bocian what she says to the god of dying company culture. She said—not today.

In the second part of our interview, we deep dive into these issues revealing what exactly causes them and how to keep them from taking over. The crazy thing is, you don’t need a revolution to maintain a healthy company culture. Just one small step at a time can do wonders.

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