Personal Responsibility and Climate Change

Personal Responsibility and Climate Change

Impact is a global issue, there’s no doubt about that. We talk a lot about involving entire industries, countries, and regions in the battle with climate change. The problem with that is that it’s quite hard to do. In fact, it might be much more efficient starting off at the micro level with an individual instead.

Here’s the scenario: you get a person to willingly change their habits for the better with customizable, short-term pledges they’re held accountable for. Let’s say they consciously use less plastic or switch to LED light bulbs. These people, in turn, become advocates for these new habits and encourage others to do the same. Soon one new habit turns into a community of new habits which then turns into a growing, global trend.

That’s exactly what Do Nation is striving to achieve, one pledge at a time. Tune in to our interview with Hermione Taylor to learn more about how small shifts in behaviors can cause a ripple effect of change.

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