Useful tools for developers: Indent Rainbow & Fig Extension

Useful tools for developers: Indent Rainbow & Fig Extension

Programming often involves a lot of code, which can make keeping things organized and readable a challenge.There are a variety of tools that can make any programmer's job significantly easier. In this article, we will discuss two useful tools: the Indent Rainbow and the Fig Extension.

Indent Rainbow: Indent coloring for better readability

The first of the useful tools is Indent Rainbow. This is an extension that colors indentations in code, which makes reading and navigating large source files much easier. With this tool, you can quickly see where a block of code begins and ends, which increases readability and helps avoid errors due to incorrect indentation.

Extension Fig: Visualizing commands in the terminal

For those who get lost in the names of branches and consider working with the terminal to be black magic, the Fig extension may be the ideal solution. This tool not only lists the branches in the Git version control system, but also visualizes the commands in the terminal. Thanks to it, we can easily check the prompts for various commands, or perform a spell check, which greatly speeds up work and increases efficiency.


Managing large software projects can be a challenge, but with the right tools you can minimize stress and increase productivity. Indent Rainbow and Fig Extension are just two examples among the many tools available to programmers. Their use can significantly improve code quality, speed up work and make the programming process much more enjoyable.